Terms and Conditions

Updated 22nd November 2015


  • Employers can hire Candidates via Skilled Connection. For a fee of 10% of the Candidate’s annual salary for permanent positions or 10% of the agreed daily rate in the case of contract roles during the duration of the contract.
  • Both Candidates and Companies must notify Skilled Connection if either party makes an Employment Offer.
  • Recruiters or Recruitment Agencies are prohibited from using Skilled Connection. It is against our terms and conditions to pass information to access on Skilled connection to a third party.


"Candidate" refers to a user looking for a Job.

“Company” refers to a user who is looking to fill a Job.

"Employment Offer" refers to any offer of employment OR any agreement of Engagement by either Company or Candidate for a fixed or indefinite term.

"Engagement" refers to the engagement employment, or use of the Candidate by a Company or any third party for a permanent or temporary position; whether under a contract of services OR for services under an agency, license, or partnership agreement.

"Introduction" refers to any communication or contact between a Company and a Candidate that has been established by Skilled Connection.

"Remuneration" refers to the base salary payable to the Candidate by the Company for period of the Engagement.

"Job" refers to Engagement of the Candidate on any intern, employment or consultancy role with the Company.

"Skilled Connection", "SC", "we" and "us" refers to Skilled Connection Limited, a limited company incorporated in England registered at Churchill House, 137-139 Brent Street, London, NW4 4DJ.

"Services" refer to the Website, publication of profiles of Candidates and Companies, and establishing introductions between Candidates and Companies.

"Start Date" refers to the date of Engagement commencement.

"Success Fee" refers to the fee charged by Skilled Connection to Companies upon acceptance of an Employment Offer by either party.

"Website" refers to the web application hosted at www.skilledconnection.com, the domain name, and any other linked pages, features, content, mobile applications, or any other Services offered.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By using the Services of Skilled Connection, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Skilled Connection at any time may modify these Terms and Conditions. Skilled Connection is not required to notify you of any changes to these Terms and conditions. Skilled Connection may notify you by either emailing you and/or by posting a notice on the Website.

You can review our Terms and Conditions at any time by visiting https://skilledconnection.com/terms

For Candidates

Skilled Connection is free for Candidates. A Candidate is required to notify Skilled Connection if the Candidate accepts an Employment Offer, including any Employment Offer made by a Company -

  1. If they were identified by the Candidate through the use of our Site or Service; or
  2. If they had previously Engaged the Candidate within the last twelve (12) months.

As a Candidate using our Site and Services, you agree -

  1. Upon receiving an Employment Offer, you must notify Skilled Connection within 14 days detailing your Start Date and the key terms of such Employment Offer.
  2. You shall provide Skilled Connection with (a) a copy of the Employment Offer, and
  3. You will notify Skilled Connection after termination of your Engagement with the Company if; i) a Company terminates your Employment based on unsatisfactory performance within thirty (30) days, or, ii) you terminate your Employment within thirty (30) days of the date in which employment started.

For Companies

These Terms and Conditions are a contract between Skilled Connection and the Company. They are accepted by virtue of an Introduction to, or the Engagement of a Candidate, or the passing of any information about the Candidate to a third party.

Company will inform Skilled Connection immediately if;

  1. Any of offer of Engagement is made to a Candidate, or,
  2. Engagement to the Candidate is accepted, and to provide details of the Remuneration to Skilled Connection.

Company must pay Skilled Connection the Success Fee within 30 days of the Candidate’s Start Date.

No fee is incurred by the Company until the Candidate commences the Engagement when Skilled Connection will render an invoice to the Company for its fees.

A Success Fee will be charged in relation to any Engagement resulting from an Introduction by or through Skilled Connection, whether direct or indirect, within 6 months from the date of Skilled Connection Introduction.

The Success Fee payable to Skilled Connection by the Company for an Introduction resulting in an Engagement is calculated as –

  1. 10% of the Candidate's annual Remuneration in the case of permanent roles, payable to Skilled Connection within 30 days of the Start Date.
  2. 10% of the value of the remuneration in the case of contractor roles, payable to Skilled Connection within 30 days of the payment to the invoice to the contractor.

VAT will be charged in addition if applicable.

Candidate introductions are confidential. Disclosure to a third party of any details regarding a Candidate introduced via Skilled Connection which results in an Engagement with that third party within 6 months of the Introduction leads to the Company liable to payment.

When an Engagement is for a fixed of less than 12 months, fees and rebate will apply pro-rata. If the Engagement is extended beyond the initial term, or if the Company engages with the Candidate 6 within 6 months from date of termination of first Engagement, the Company shall pay a further fee based on the additional Remuneration applicable for the period of Engagement.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the Website and any agreements entered into through the Website are to be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. The courts of England are to have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website or any agreement made through the Website.

Some of the goods or services offered through the Website may not be lawful or may otherwise not be permitted in certain countries outside the United Kingdom. If you attempt to order, receive, purchase or otherwise benefit from any such goods or services, we do not accept any liability for any losses suffered by you in using the Website which you would not have suffered had you been accessing the Website as a United Kingdom resident (including as a result of us being prevented from dealing with any application or enquiry by any law, regulation or other ruling applicable in any country).

Changes to Terms and Conditions and Invalidity

These terms and conditions may be changed by us at any time. You will be deemed to accept the terms and conditions (as amended) when you next use the Website following any amendment.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is held to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

Registered Office

Skilled Connection Limited
86-90 Paul Street, Shoreditch

Company Number 09220015. Registered in the UK.