Job Description

Telsis is looking for final year students to join its software engineering team, after graduation. Telsis sell software to all of the major (Tier 1) mobile and landline network groups in Europe, and several of the smaller networks too. All of our software engineering work is done here in the UK, in Fareham, Hampshire.

Telsis has a long history of taking the best graduates and helping them to launch their careers, developing and implementing new telecommunications products, and seeing those products taken into service with leading mobile network operators. Long term, Telsis offers excellent career progression, within a few years an engineer could be a senior technical authority, or can move into a commercial or managerial position if that's where their interests lie.

As a Telsis engineer, it is your job to create the products that we can sell. Our engineers are expected to contribute actively to the design and architecture of the products they work on, and write the code to meet their designs - using a variety of programming languages and tools. We work primarily in Java (80%), with a small amount of C (20%).

All of this is achieved with a relaxed working environment (no cube farms), supportive co-workers, a no-blame culture and plenty of opportunity to learn on the job.

Telsis recruit from numerate disciplines - computer science, physics, maths and engineering. We require candidates for this role to have prior experience of Java or C; Linux experience is strongly favoured, but not a requirement. More than anything Telsis favour candidates who have a passion for technology: especially those students who program in their spare time and enjoy it as a hobby.