Job Description

Ocean CFC Systems - Who are we?

We build the systems that run Ocado’s warehouses, fulfilling hundreds of thousands of customer order per week for multiple retailers. We use extensive automation (conveyors, cranes, robots and more) to operate at a scale and efficiency that is unrivalled in our industry. Our systems operate across multiple levels of the technology stack, from low-level container movements to high-level route planning, warehouse management and reporting, and we are constantly optimising our solutions to deliver world leading service, accuracy and efficiency.

We believe in the power of agile and focus on delivering value incrementally, using data to constantly collect feedback from our systems to guide our future direction. Our teams operate with the freedom to work as they want and to design and build the best solution to business challenges they can.

About you

You're passionate about software delivery and running it in production. You’re skilled in software development but the infrastructure and operations have little secrets for you. You know perfectly well that the code can run it for you. You hate waking up at 2am to production failures and that's why you have monitors for everything, and enough failover or self-healing setup so you can deal with it in the morning. You're fine with rolling out code all the time because if anything unexpected happens, you have it covered and automated. You love to work with development teams and make sure that the tools they are using run fast and reliably. The ‘Continuous Delivery’ by Jez Humble & David Farley is your professional Bible.

What we'd like you to do

Take care of our software development tools (source code repos, issue tracker, artifact repos, code review tool, code analysis tool), scale their capacity, fail-proof them.
Recommend, design & implement our build- and deployment systems, environment and infrastructure.
Measure everything, improving every possible aspect of development ecosystems, specifically addressing Time to Detect, Time to Respond, feedback delay.
Improve our continuous deployment process, getting changes rolled out faster and with confidence. Automate every error prone process.
Improve our configuration management so our systems can be restored from versioned configurations in an automated way.
Help Dev teams have their systems properly monitored and integrated to alerting systems.
Tune our systems to get maximum performance and bang for our buck.
Lead, coach and grow our DevOps practice by bridging development, Ops and QA.
Become and stay an expert in current and emerging technologies and tools.
Contribute to Open Source solutions and communities we use wherever you can.
We'd like you to have the following experience and behaviours

Make things work and get things done.
Love to leave things better than you found them.
Really know CI/CD (Jenkins, Go, etc), config management (chef, puppet) and VCS tools (git, mercurial, svn)
Love to automate anything you've done more than twice.
Can’t go to sleep if the system going to prod is not graphed.
Can write a bash one-liner for anything, but know when not to.
Are happy with virtualisation (ESX), fluent in Ubuntu Linux, knowledgeable in security, familiar with Docker
Are fluent in at least one dynamic language (python, perl, ruby, etc)
Love agile/lean development and delivering code.
Really know about scalable infrastructure
Ran production services in the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud) and know where it's awesome and where it hurts
However, this is not a set in stone requirements list. We recognise the software industry is filled with smart people from so many different backgrounds. If you enjoy being part of the team and if you like: learning fast (through experimentation, self-motivation etc); being autonomous but able to collaborate (sharing knowledge is important to us); craftsmanship and innovation (we never stop questioning how we can be better), then we look forward to hearing from you.

What we can offer you

Technically stretching work is a given. We want you to push technological boundaries and create solutions to problems people haven’t even thought about yet; so we’ll give you the freedom and the tools and the playful, stimulating working environment you need to do what’s never been done before. As well as a competitive salary and share schemes, benefits include pension scheme, interest-free season ticket loan, free shuttle bus from Hatfield train station and, of course, healthy Ocado staff discounts (and free delivery) across our Webshops including Groceries, Fetch, Sizzle and Fabled. We also have Friday socials on the first Friday of every month, sports clubs such as badminton, running and table tennis (and much more) not to mention our frequently used foosball table.